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Business Contract Law for Non-Legal Professionals with a special session on Generative AI (ChatGPT)

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Demystifying and unlocking the secrets of business contracts with our engaging course, ‘Business Contract Law for Non-Legal Professionals.’ Designed for executives and industry leaders, this course employs real-world case studies, interactive quizzes, and role-playing games to demystify complex legal terms and clauses. Enhance your negotiation skills and risk management acumen and leave empowered to navigate contracts with confidence.

Course Objectives

  1. Equip participants with foundational knowledge of essential contract law principles, enabling them to navigate business contracts with confidence.
  2. Develop practical negotiation skills through hands-on exercises and simulations, enhancing participants’ ability to secure favorable contract terms.
  3. Familiarize participants with key legal jargon and clauses commonly encountered in business contracts, fostering a deeper understanding of contractual obligations and rights.
  4. Provide comprehensive training on the identification and mitigation of contractual risks, preparing participants to protect organizational interests effectively.
  5. Utilize advanced AI tools like ChatGPT for real-time analysis of complex contract clauses, offering actionable insights and clarifications.
  6. Expose participants to real-world case studies, cultivating the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to actual business scenarios.
  7. Foster collaborative problem-solving and critical thinking skills through group activities, quizzes, and role-playing exercises.
  8. Assess participants’ understanding and application of course material through structured quizzes and reflections, ensuring measurable skill development and practical applicability in professional settings.


Target Audiences

  1. Business Owners: Particularly those of small to medium enterprises who may not have in-house legal teams.
  2. C-Level Executives: CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and other high-level executives who often deal with contracts.
  3. Middle Management: Managers who are responsible for departmental budgets, staffing contracts, and vendor agreements.
  4. Project Managers: Those who deal with contracts related to project scopes, timelines, and resources.
  5. Sales and Marketing Professionals: Team members who negotiate client contracts, service agreements, or licensing deals.
  6. Procurement Officers: Individuals responsible for negotiating and managing supplier contracts.
  7. HR Professionals: Those involved in employment contracts, benefits plans, and labor negotiations.
  8. Consultants and Freelancers: Independent professionals who must draft, evaluate, and negotiate their own contractual agreements.
  9. Non-profit Leaders: Executives and managers who deal with grants, partnerships, and other types of agreements.
  10. Academics and Students: Particularly MBA students or those in business-focused courses who will benefit from practical skills in contract law.
  11. Financial Advisors: Those advising on business investments that involve complex contracts.
  12. Engineers and Technologists: Professionals in tech roles who deal with contracts around software, hardware, or IP.

While this course is aimed at anyone who deals with contracts in a professional setting and does not have a legal background, it can also include legal professionals who may particularly be looking for refresher course and of course, the special session on Generative AI (ChatGPT).


Course Outline

Learning Unit 1

  • Contracts and the effect of law
  • Contract – meaning  and forms
  • Types of contracts and explanation
  • Contract, Agreement, Deed difference
  • Contract lifecycle flow
  • Elements of a contract
  • Real life scenarios and participant experience

Learning Unit 2

  • Anatomy of a contract and individual explanations
  • Legal terminology simplified
  • Breach of contract and remedies
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Business negotiations for contracts
  • Review, Q&A
Course Outline

Download the PDF below for a summary of the course outline.


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