Keeping Cyber Safe at the Workplace


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16 HRS

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17 Jan 2023 To
16 Jan 2025

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Course Synopsis

With the advancement in technology, the majority of an organisation’s work activities are being performed online instead of being paper based. The objective of our course is to ensure that employees in the organisation are educated and trained to support organisational efforts in identifying cybersecurity threats, developing materials for cybersecurity education and implementation of cybersecurity awareness programmes.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Provide advisory to employees on identified areas of improvement relating to cyber security risks and practices in the organisation.
  • Develop effective security education materials to maximise security awareness programmes in the organisation.
  • Apply effective approaches and methods to implement and review effectiveness of approved security awareness programmes.

Target Audience (Operational, Supervisory & Managerial)

This training is relevant to employees in operational and supervisory positions that need to be aware of and deal with security and cybersecurity issues in their job roles.

Assumed Skills:

  • Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Workplace Literacy (WPL) level 4.
  • Be able to read and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to WSQ WPL level 4.
  • Be able to manipulate numbers at a proficiency level equivalent to WSQ Workplace Numeracy (WPN) level 4.
  • Learners to have minimum GCE ‘O’ level or ITE certificate education.
  • Learner should have at least 1 year’s working experience in any industry.
  • Learners should have basic IT literacy skills.

Course Content

Learning Unit 1: How Cybersafe Are We?

Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that their organisations are safe from cybersecurity threats. This units covers basic concepts related to cyber risks, threats and they will learn to align themselves with their organisations’ approach to maintain cybersecurity.

  • Information and cybersecurity
  • Organisational approach to cybersecurity
  • Types of cybersecurity threats
    • Phishing
    • Malware
    • Identify Theft
    • Online Scams
    • Computer Hacking
  • Methods to identify cyber risks
Learning Unit 2: Secure Your Cybergates!

This unit will expose learners to different types of security awareness programmes, skills to develop security education materials and methods of reviewing the effectiveness of the materials developed.

  • Security awareness programmes
    • Developing communication plan
  • Development of Security education materials
  • Review effectiveness of security education materials
Learning Unit 3: Stay On Guard!

This unit will teach learners how to plan, organise and monitor effectiveness of security awareness programmes and activities for their organisations.

  • Reporting & responding to cyber risks
    • Policy and procedures
  • Execution of security awareness activities
    • Identifying objectives and purpose of security awareness activities
    • Assessment of staff awareness through quizzes, workplace security review, dumpster diving and phishing attack simulation
  • Implementation of security awareness projects
  • Effectiveness of security awareness programmes
Course Outline

Download the PDF below for a summary of the course outline.


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Funding Type Full Fee GST Funding Amount Nett Fee Payable (incl. GST)
SME $600 $54 $420 $234
Non-SME $600 $54 $300 $354
$600 $54 $420 $234

Course Fee Funding:
SME: 70% of course fee
Non-SME: 50% of course fee
Non-SME(MCES): 70% of course fee

$4.50 per training hour capped at $100,000 per enterprise per calendar year


Funding Type Full Fee GST Funding Amount Nett Fee Payable (incl. GST)
MCES $600 $54 $420 $234
Normal $600 $54 $300 $354

Course Fee Funding:
MCES: 70% of course fee
Normal: 50% of course fee

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