Mastering Excel with AI and ChatGPT

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the capability to efficiently manipulate, analyse, and derive insights from data is more crucial than ever. This course combines AI integration in Microsoft Office Excel with focused ChatGPT training to enhance productivity and data-driven decision-making skills

At the end of the course, participants will confidently integrate AI into Excel, use ChatGPT for advanced tasks, automate processes, and enhance productivity, ensuring data-driven decision-making proficiency at course completion.

Learning Unit 1: Leveraging AI Tools in Excel

  • Automating Tasks with Flash Fill
  • Streamlining Data Transformation with Power Query
  • Insights and Analysis with AI in Excel
  • Visualizing Data with Recommended Charts
  • Visualizing Data with Recommended Pivot Table
  • Forecasting Trends with Excel’s AI

Learning Unit 2: Integrating ChatGPT with Excel

  • What is ChatGPT
  • How to Get ChatGPT
  • Understanding the Capabilities of Different ChatGPT Versions
  • Practical Applications of ChatGPT in Excel

Learning Unit 3: Enhancing Excel Formulas with ChatGPT

  • Crafting Formulas from Simple to Advanced
  • Utilizing ChatGPT for Excel Table Enhancements
  • Documenting and Commenting on Formulas with ChatGPT’s Help

Learning Unit 4: Advanced Formula Assistance with ChatGPT

  • Simplifying Lookup Formulas
  • Working with ChatGPT to write advanced Excel formulas
  • Deciphering Complex Formulas
  • Debugging and Optimizing Formulas
  • Improving existing formulas with ChatGPT

Learning Unit 5: Data Cleaning and Transformation

  • Transforming Data from PDFs
  • Transforming Data from Excel
  • Cleaning and Preparing Data for Analysis

Learning Unit 6: Advanced Data Analysis Techniques

  • Conducting Comparative Analysis
  • Generate non Excel visual using ChatGPT
  • Performing Sentiment Analysis on Customer Feedback

Learning Unit 7: Automating Excel Tasks with Macros and ChatGPT

  • Writing Macros with ChatGPT
  • Understanding and Enhancing VBA Code
  • Adding Comments and Enhancing Code
  • Debugging VBA code with ChatGPT assistance

Excel users seeking to elevate data analysis skills with AI, office workers aiming for advanced Excel proficiency, and individuals interested in automating tasks using macros and AI in spreadsheets.

Familiarity with Excel basics and fundamental data analysis skills. Familiarity with AI concepts are prerequisites. No prior experience with ChatGPT is required.

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Download the PDF below for a summary of the course outline.


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