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Enhance your cybersecurity knowledge with our essential one-day course. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of common cyber threats, identify vulnerable areas, and learn best practices to safeguard personal and professional information. This concise programme covers key aspects like phishing prevention, password security, and secure data management, equipping you to operate safely in the digital world.

This training is specifically designed to help your company achieve the Cyber Essentials Certification by the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore. Organising cybersecurity training for staff is a key requirement of this certification. By completing this course, your organisation will fulfil the necessary cybersecurity awareness requirements, ensuring your team is well-prepared to defend against cyber threats and comply with certification standards.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  •  Articulate the cyber security threats and their impacts on organizations in Singapore and
  • Identify areas prone to cyber security threats and best practices for phishing prevention.
  • Identify best practices for password security.
  • Identify best practices for protecting personal and business devices.
  • Identify best practices for protecting personal and business data and information.
  • Apply Do’s and Don’ts of working securely onsite and offsite for personal and business
  • Interpret cyber security threats for a reporting.

Learning Unit 1: Introduction to the Cybersecurity Landscape in Singapore and Beyond

  • Overview of the cybersecurity landscape in Singapore and the world
  • Discussion on recent cybersecurity incidents, trends, and their impact on organizations

Learning Unit 2: Social Engineering and Phishing

  • Overview of social engineering and phishing attacks
  • How to Spot Phishing
  • Best Practices for Phishing Prevention

Learning Unit 3: Password Security

  • Introduction to password security
  • Learning activities: Creating strong passphrases

Learning Unit 4: Device Security

  • Corporate and personal devices
  • Tips to protect personal devices

Learning Unit 5: Data Security

  • Overview of business-critical data
  • Tips to protect data

Learning Unit 6: Work Onsite and Offsite

  • Working onsite vs telecommuting (offsite)
  • Do’s and Don’ts of working securely onsite and offsite

Learning Unit 7: Cyber Incidents Reporting

  • Overview of the importance of cyber incident reporting
  • Spot and Report Cyber Incidents

This course is ideal for anyone who uses technology in their daily lives, including home computer
users, students, professionals and business owners

  • Learners must be able to read, write, speak and listen to English at secondary school level.
  • Learner should have at least 1 year’s working experience in any industry.
  • Learners must be able to operate a personal computer, use keyboard and mouse.
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Download the PDF below for a summary of the course outline.


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