Unleash Your Potential

Through Lifelong Learning

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Unleash Your Potential

Through Lifelong Learning

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WSQ Approved Training Provider in Singapore

up to 70% Subsidy from SSG

sFEC & Absentee Payroll Subsidy

PSEA Supportable

Union Training Assistance Programme

What's new?

Cybersecurity Awareness Course

Update your cybersecurity awareness knowledge in one day, Learn to identify threats, protect data, and secure your digital environment.

Generative AI Series

Explore our Generative AI series: From basic principles to practical workplace usage, discover courses designed to optimise your skills with CoPilot and ChatGPT.

Implement Flexi Work Arrangement Course

Explore our course on Flexi-Work Arrangements for HR professionals in Singapore, focusing on legal compliance, implementation strategies, and boosting workplace productivity and satisfaction

popular course topics

Develop your professional skills with our short courses, designed by industry experts. Alongside Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) certified courses, we offer a variety of IT and soft skills courses to enhance your career. Join our focused training programmes to gain the practical knowledge and skills you need for professional advancement.



Unlock the capabilities of Microsoft Office with our engaging courses designed to enhance your skills and efficiency.

Whether you’re a beginner or aiming for advanced proficiency, our modules are developed to help you navigate the full array of Office applications.


Advance your career with our comprehensive WSQ soft skills training programmes, specifically designed to help you learn and develop the essential soft skills needed for both personal and professional growth. Our courses cover key areas such as presentation, selling, people management, and communication – making them suitable for employees and managers seeking to elevate their skill set.


The Skillsfuture Digital Workplace 2.0 course is designed for individuals keen to navigate the advancements of Industry 4.0 technology.  

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the latest technological tools and their applications both in the workplace and at home, including an exploration of emerging technologies like ChatGPT, that are set to transform our working and interaction patterns.


Explore our data analytics courses that cover Excel, Power BI, and Tableau. These courses are designed to enhance your analytical skillset and equip you with the ability to unlock meaningful insights through data.