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skillsFuture for digital workplace 2.0
(sfdw 2.0)

Discover the latest digital tools transforming the retail landscape, master the art of data analytics, safeguard your business with cybersecurity, and unlock the potential of automation techniques.

Discover the essential digital skills and knowledge you need for success in today’s technology-rich environment. Learn about cybersecurity risks, digital tools, data analytics, automation and more.

REtail Sector

Explore the future of the Retail industry. Develop essential digital skills, understand cybersecurity risks, and harness the power of data.

Food Services Sector

Explore the Future of Food Services! Gain essential digital skills, understand cybersecurity, and master digital tools to thrive in the industry.

Manufacturing Sector

Discover the essential skills for the digital era in manufacturing. Learn to identify cybersecurity risks, utilize digital tools, harness the power of data and create a post-course action plan for ongoing growth.

Transport Sector

Unlock your potential in the Transport industry! Explore skills needed in today’s digital economy, understand work requirements in technology-rich environments, identify digital applications and tools, harness data and information, and develop a post-course action plan.

Tourism Sector

Explore the future of the tourism industry! Discover essential digital skills and tools, address cybersecurity risks, learn data analytics techniques, automation tools, and plan your learning journey.

Built Environment Sector

Unlock your potential in the built environment industry. Learn to navigate the digital landscape, understand cybersecurity, leverage digital tools, and plan your future.

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Foong Kuan
Foong Kuan
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Fun and super friendly trainer. He made the learning process easy to understand in the shortest 2 days time. Thank to Philip sharing, it really opened my eye to new A1 technology world
KokWah 1148
KokWah 1148
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The course is interesting and educational. I learned about all the different aspects of a future digital economy and the skillets that we need to have to be relevant to a future economy. Plenty of hands-on and practice. Especially the 3-D printing and power automation software. Not a dull moment.
Jas Lin
Jas Lin
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Took 2 days course (Skillsfuture for Digital Workplace V2.0) with Phillips as our instructor. Friendly and enthusiastic instructor who is willing to teach more than offered in the course content that we feel 2-day course is not sufficient