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Occupational Progressive Wage

Companies must meet the OPW requirements to renew existing work passes or apply for new work passes.

Simply ensure your employees have achieved 1 WSQ Statement of Attainment.

* Source: Ministry of Manpower

What is this?

The main goal of the Occupational PWM wage system is to establish a minimum pay scale for every job category to enhance the career advancement opportunities and earnings of low-wage employees.

The National Wages Council (NWC) created Occupational Progressive Wages (OPW). Starting March 1, 2023, employers must comply with OPW criteria to renew their work passes or apply for new ones.


Who can apply?

The OPW requirements cover all Singapore citizens and permanent residents who are:

  • Full-time or part-time employees in administrative or driving roles on a contract of service, and
  • Employed by firms which hire foreign workers.


Training Requirements

Employers must ensure their Singaporean and Permanent Resident administrators and drivers fulfill OPW training requirements by obtaining:

  • At least 1 Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) Statement of Attainment (no specific course restrictions)
  • Completion of an in-house training program

Note: The in-house training should align with specific objectives, modality, key tasks, and duration. Employers must maintain documentation supporting the in-house program and attendance records.

Employers are given a grace period for OPW training compliance:

  • New hires: Six months from the employment start date.
  • Existing employees: Up to February 29 2024, one year from the OPW implementation in March 2023.

By providing proper training, administrators and drivers are able to enhance productivity and skillsets.


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