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01 day – Designing Impactful Executive Presentation using PowerPoint

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7.75 HRS

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02 Jul 2019 To
31 Dec 2024

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In today’s business and work environment, every leader, manager and executive is expected to be a good communicator and to make presentations to various stakeholders. This is why you worked hard to gain the necessary skills and master the technicalities of using one or more presentation software, at least to be proficient enough to do a decent job in your own judgement.

But have you ever wondered…

  • … why your audience looked uninterested during your presentation?
  • … why your content-rich slides were putting your audience to sleep instead of firing them up?
  • … what kind of presentation slides can really capture the attention of your audience?
  • … how to easily design slides that captivate and motivate your audience?

We have good news for you!

You will have all the above questions (and more) answered when you attend our 1-day fast pace power-packed workshop!

In this fast-paced practical workshop, you will be equipped with the same concepts and tools used by professional graphic designers when they design slides for their clients. Many real-life examples of presentation slides will be deconstructed and analysed during the workshop to help you understand and appreciate the nuts and bolts of designing an effective and attractive slide presentation that connects with the mental processes of your audience.

Course Content

The Five Things That Really Annoys Your Audience (Avoid Them Like The Plague!)

We’ll start with getting into the minds of your audience. Just like a guy who needs to know and avoid anything that irritates the girl he is pursuing, we must also understand and eliminate the things that annoy our audience in order to win them over. In this segment, we look at what goes on in the minds of your audience when they are looking at your presentation slides, and identify the top five annoyances that you should never commit. This will be the foundation of how we design our slides.

Using The Right Tools For The Job

To build a strong and beautiful house, a builder needs the right tools to do the job effectively. In this segment, we look at the tools used by graphic designers that will help you design your presentation slides with greater clarity and effectiveness. Topics covered include, Guidelines, Fonts, Colours and creating Pictograms. You will also discover numerous little-known features in PowerPoint that will help you design your slides in double-quick time.

Making Your Numbers Count

Based on a yearly survey on actual presentation slides created, one of the most annoying things cited is that slides are loaded with tonnes and tonnes of mind-numbing numbers and figures. Sadly, many presenters perpetuate this mistake to overload their audience with an endless dump of numerical data. In this segment of the workshop, you will learn how to present your numbers with greater impact and effectiveness, reducing the visual and mental burden on your audience. The selective use of animation will be covered to generate a greater impact when presenting slides with loads of data.

Discover The Treasure Troves On The Internet

Is it true that everything that you have ever needed is now available on the internet? The fact is, the experience of many presenters has been a feeling of constant frustration when they look for really useful and impressive graphics to design their slides. This segment will show you how you can sift through mountains of thrash on the internet and discover treasure troves of resources to create your impressive and effective slides.

Key Takeaways You Can Immediately Apply To Your Slides

After attending the 1-day workshop, you will:

  • Gain a good understanding of how your audience perceive and digest information, and how to avoid the top annoyances that frustrate them.
  • Acquire the skills and techniques used by professional graphic designers to transform dull information into attractive and effective slides.
  • Learn how to inject life into your slides with simple and effective animations that greatly enhance your audience’s understanding of your presentation.
  • Be armed with the technique to clear away all the clutter from your number-filled slides and and present your critical figures with precision and efficiency.
  • Know how to draw out key information in your data-packed slides by asking audience-centric questions.
  • Be able to design effective slides quickly by building an impressive pool of resources that you can access readily with a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Discover an abundance of online resources for creating striking and captivating presentation slides.


Note that all participants must have a basic understanding of the uses and functions of PowerPoint.

Course Outline

Download the PDF below for a summary of the course outline.


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