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Present with Flair and Confidence (Advanced PowerPoint)

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17 HRS

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Till 18 Dec 2024

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This course sets out advanced knowledge relating to planning and designing presentations. This is to ensure that the presentation is crafted to appeal to the intended audience. Learners will also acquire the skills needed to produce attractive and high impact presentations using the advanced features in a presentation application. Learners will then be taught the finer points in engaging with the audience and deliver the presentation in a professional, clear and effective manner.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify and gather information on target audience
  • Create and modify templates and slide master
  • Integrate advanced presentation features to enhance a presentation
  • Deliver presentation in accordance with relevant strategies and delivery methods

Target Audience

This training is relevant to all staff who are required to acquire advanced presentation concepts and be able to plan and produce effective and high-quality presentations using the advanced features of a presentation application. It is also relevant to all staff that are required to deliver presentations in an enticing and clear manner.

Assumed Skills

  • Workforce Skills Qualifications (“ES WSQ”) Workplace Literacy (“WPL”) level 5.
  • Be able to read and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to ES WSQ WPL level 5.
  • Be able to manipulate numbers at a proficiency level equivalent to ES WSQ Workplace Numeracy (“WPN”) level 5.
  • Learners to have minimum GCE ‘O’ level or ITE certificate education
  • Learner should have at least 1 year’s working experience in any industry.
  • Learners must be able to operate a personal computer, use keyboard and mouse
  • Learners are expected to have basic to intermediate knowledge of using Microsoft PowerPoint

Course Outline

Learning Unit 1: Presentation Planning

  • Identify audience demographics and environment considerations
  • Understand design, content and layout considerations to facilitate planning of presentation to suit target audience

Learning Unit 2: Create A Presentation

  • Create presentation from Word outline to facilitate target audience’s understanding of key concepts and ideas
  • Create presentation from other presentation to facilitate target audience’s understanding of key concepts and ideas
  • Export a presentation to other formats
  • Linking and embedding content between Microsoft applications

Learning Unit 3: Apply and Modify Themes and Slide Masters

  • Apply pre-set Themes
  • Modify Theme colour scheme and background
  • Edit Slide Master
  • Modify background colour and graphics
  • Create new Slide Master and Slide Layout

Learning Unit 4: Use and Format Graphical Objects

  • Insert and format shapes
  • Insert and format pictures and images
  • Handle graphical objects

Learning Unit 5: Use and Format Charts and Diagrams

  • Insert pre-set charts and combination charts
  • Edit chart formatting
  • Insert and format SmartArt objects

Learning Unit 6: Multimedia and Animations

  • Insert online videos
  • Insert and manage videos and sounds
  • Create audio and screen recordings
  • Apply and modify animations
  • Apply and modify slide transitions

Learning Unit 7: Finish and Deliver A Presentation

  • Presentation delivery considerations
  • Identify and select presentation strategies and methods using the AIDA 4 step method of delivery
  • Methods to engage with audience
  • Identify strategic points during presentation delivery to summarise key concepts
  • Identify strategic points during presentation delivery to obtain feedback from audience
  • Custom shows
  • Apply slide show settings
Course Outline

Download the PDF below for a summary of the course outline.


Company Sponsored

Funding Type Full Fee GST Funding Amount Nett Fee Payable (incl. GST)
SME $450 $36 $315 $171
Non-SME $450 $36 $225 $261
$450 $36 $315 $171

Course Fee Funding:
SME: 70% of course fee
Non-SME: 50% of course fee
Non-SME(MCES): 70% of course fee

$4.50 per training hour capped at $100,000 per enterprise per calendar year


Funding Type Full Fee GST Funding Amount Nett Fee Payable (incl. GST)
MCES $450 $36 $315 $171
Normal $450 $36 $225 $261

Course Fee Funding:
MCES: 70% of course fee
Normal: 50% of course fee

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