WSQ Problem Identification and Solutioning Techniques


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Course Duration

16 HRS

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Till 30 May 2026

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Course Overview

This 2-day course (16 hours) is targeted at all sectors and at employees in the Operations arena conducting daily implementation and services of the Company.

Many businesses had found it difficult to continue, and for those who have, they had to pivot and transform their business models or processes to adapt to the new normal. This had led to accelerated changes and demand for efficiency improvement across the organizations.

One critical success factor is for all levels of employees, both leaders and rank and file workers, to be equipped with the mindset and skillsets needed to recognize and review workplace problems in a structured manner, utilizing a framework that supports the articulations and review of issues, identification of root causes and thereafter be able to develop and select the appropriate solutions.

Thus, there is a great need for the much sought-after ability to identify problems and focus on solutioning techniques

Course Objectives

On completion of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Recognise impact of problems on job responsibilities
  • Identify sources of problems
  • Apply communications skills to provide context regarding the problem solving approach
  • Apply a solution generating framework to generate solutions
  • Evaluate solutions to solve problems

Target Audience

  • Working adults from all sectors who are involve in the daily operations of the company. This course is designed for those who have completed lower secondary education, able to speak and write English at WPL Level 3 & above.
  • No working experience is required, and new joiners are welcome


Lectures and discussion, videos and activities designed to bring out skills practice

Course Content

Identify Sources And Impact Of Problems On Job Responsibilities
  • Symptoms of Potential Problems
  • Sources of Problems
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Identify Impact of a Problem
Frame The Problem-Solving Approach
  • Modes of Communication for Problem-Solving
  • Corrective Actions
  • Reflective Mechanisms for Problem-Solving Process
Generate & Evaluate Ideas
  • Generate Alternative Solutions
  • Evaluating and Selecting Solutions
  • Strengths and Limitations
  • Constraints of a Solution
  • Areas of Impact
  • Implementation of An Action Plan
Course Outline

Download the PDF below for a summary of the course outline.


Company Sponsored

Funding Type Full Fee GST Funding Amount Nett Fee Payable (incl. GST)
SME $420 $37.80 $294 $163.80
Non-SME $420 $37.80 $210 $247.80
$420 $37.80 $294 $163.80

Course Fee Funding:
SME: 70% of course fee
Non-SME: 50% of course fee
Non-SME(MCES): 70% of course fee

$4.50 per training hour capped at $100,000 per enterprise per calendar year


Funding Type Full Fee GST Funding Amount Nett Fee Payable (incl. GST)
MCES $420 $37.80 $294 $163.80
Normal $420 $37.80 $210 $247.80

Course Fee Funding:
MCES: 70% of course fee
Normal: 50% of course fee


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