Sharpen your professional edge with our Soft Skills courses—master skills such as business writing, telephone etiquette, service excellence, teamwork, and beyond, for standout success and collaboration.


Why Soft Skill Courses

In today’s competitive business environment, soft skills are as crucial as technical expertise. Our soft skills courses equip individuals and teams with the essential skills needed for success. From enhancing communication and teamwork to boosting problem-solving abilities and customer service excellence, our courses are designed to improve job performance and workplace harmony.

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Why James Cook Institute

James Cook Institute’s (JCI) programmes are led by seasoned industry professionals who focus on imparting practical knowledge and skills.

A pioneer in Singapore’s Adult Learning Industry
With more than 35 years of experience, James Cook Institute (JCI) is recognised as a leader in professional and personal development. We are also a WSQ Approved Training Provider in Singapore.

Flexible Solutions for Corporate Training
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communication courses

2 days

WSQ Conflict Management

This course on the latest trends in conflict management focuses on strengthening relationships while resolving conflicts.

2 Days

WSQ Business Negotiations

This negotiation skills course equips learners with the ability to blend data-driven decisions with soft negotiation tactics, ensuring optimal outcomes aligned with organisational goals.

2 Days

WSQ Communicate Effectively At The Workplace

This course empowers staff with the skills to communicate effectively, fostering trust and enhancing productivity.

leadership management courses

leadership management courses

2 days

WSQ Effective Data Analysis Using Excel

Gain practical data analysis skills using Excel and learn to utilise formulas, functions, and Power Pivot to connect to multiple data sources.

2 Days

WSQ Introduction To Data Analysis Using Excel & Power BI

This course teaches essential data analysis skills in Excel and Power BI, covering data import, interactive dashboards, sophisticated visualizations, and KPI-driven business insights.

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